Steps to Take During a House Fire and After

At Abbotts Fire and Flood we know how scary and disorienting a fire can be so we’ve compiled a list of things to do once you realize there is a house fire and what to do after the fire.

During a Fire

1. Check Doors Before Opening Them – Check to see if there is smoke under the door before opening the door. If there is smoke you will need to use another door. If there is no smoke be sure to check the door’s temperature with the back of your hand before opening the door. If there are no doors available use a window to safely exit from.

2. Get out of the house – It’s important to not panic and quickly get yourself and your family out of the house as soon as you realize there is a fire in your home. It can be tempting to want to grab your valuables but it’s more important to make sure your family is out of harm’s way.

3. Be Aware of the Smoke – Make sure you keep yourself and your family members low to the ground as you exit the house. Smoke inhalation can be very dangerous and can lead to disorientation and even death so it’s important to remember to crawl under the smoke as you exit the house as opposed to running.

4. Head Count – Once you and your family are safely outside of the house make sure you have everyone. If you do not have every member of your family safely outside of the house only go back into the house if it is safe to do so. If it is not safe to re enter the house be sure to tell the 1st responders who is left inside the home.

After a Fire

5. Contact the Red Cross – They can provide a place to stay as well as meals and relief supplies.

6. Call your Insurance company – They can help you sort out what to do as far as documenting damage.

7. Do not re enter your home until you have spoken with the Fire Department first to make sure it’s safe to do so.

8. Locate your records and important documents if you are able to.

9. Keep track of any disaster related expenses via receipts as your insurance company may need them later.

10. Contact a disaster restoration service such as Abbotts Fire and Flood.