Flood Cleanup: When it Rains, it Pours

With El Niño and La Niña dancing a probability Tango, it’s impossible to predict the weather for San Diego’s coming winter. But a number of models for both El Niño and La Niña hint at a wet winter for the region, which always means the threat of flooding and big, nasty flood cleanup headaches.

Act Now!

We write a lot about preventative measures to reduce water damage and minimize flood cleanup headaches and cost. That’s because we see a lot of damage that could have been prevented with some simple precautions and good maintenance. We also hear a lot of really disheartening stories about families and businesses that are disrupted and adversely affected by flooding and flood cleanup projects. We hope to help our community by reminding our neighbors to prepare for possible extreme weather that may result in flooding this winter.

  • Some things to keep in mind as we approach the potentially wet winter:
  • Check your home or business out from top to bottom, ensuring that you inspect water-handling features such as gutters, downspouts, sump pumps, drains and drainage ditches are in good repair.
  • Ensure that your insurance is in good standing and that your coverage is adequate and appropriate for where you live.
  • Inspect your roof from the inside and outside for signs of leaks.

Flooding and Flood Cleanup Safety Reminders

  • Make emergency plans for your family and business. Ensure that your planning covers family medical needs and focuses on safety.
  • Never enter a flooded building unless you’ve confirmed disconnection of main power and gas service and ensured that the building is structurally stable.
  • Never touch any electrical equipment unless it’s in a dry area, you are dry and you’re standing on a dry surface.
  • Be mindful that standing floodwater can contain chemical and biological contaminants. Minimize your exposure. Make sure you clean and disinfect anyone or anything that touches it.

Got a Flood Cleanup Headache in Your San Diego Home or Business? Trust Abbotts!

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