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Emergency Water Damage Repair

Water damage is a common occurrence for homeowners and it can cause issues running from paint damage to affecting the structural integrity of your home. Though there are many reasons for water damage, the most likely areas in your home that will see damage include ceilings, kitchens, walls, and your basement.

As a locally owned and operated water damage restoration company for over 30 years, Abbotts Fire and Flood of San Diego has encountered many different water damage scenarios – from exploding water heaters, burst water pipes, and drainage line cracks to major floods and water damage losses caused by water main breaks.

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Common Signs of Water Damage

Not all water damage is immediately evident. Although you may notice damage after a severe storm, some types of moisture issues occur over the course of several months. The following are the most significant signs of water damage:

  • Peeling and cracking: Peeling and cracking paint on the walls and ceilings are a significant sign that water damage has occured. You could also notice discolored paint since water can stain wall paint.
  • Flooring water damage: Another sign to look for is the warping of flooring materials due to water exposure. Flooring water damage can actually go unnoticed for some time if the spot is located in the corners of a room or against a wall.
  • Unexplained high water bills: If your water bill surges for no apparent reason, it could mean there’s a leak causing underlying water damage.
  • Sagging or moldy walls: Any notable sagging in parts of the walls or ceiling is a sign that you need water damage repair services. Before mold is located, you may smell a distinct moldy scent or experience allergy symptoms due to mold exposure.
  • Running water sounds: If you hear the sound of water running and can’t find the source, chances are there’s a significant leak that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent further water damage.

Our Water Damage Repair Services

After your home has been damaged by water or flooding, the need for repairs will be assessed. Repairs may be minor, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet, or may entail more complicated work, such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

Our comprehensive water damage repair services in San Diego include:

  • Detailed inspection of water damage
  • Xactimate estimate for repairs
  • Drywall repair and restoration
  • Flooring repair and restoration
  • Basement repair and restoration
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We know that dealing with property damage can be confusing and frustrating. Our team will work with you every step of the way to minimize the disruption of our water damage repair services and get you back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact us today for your water damage repair needs!

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