Water Damage Tip #5: Document Damage

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This Step Is Critical Documenting your damage is of particular importance when you have flooding from weather or plumbing leaks, so important that we’ve broken this critical property protection step out of our blog post Water Damage? Follow These 10 Tips and expanded it. Water Damage Tip #5 – Document Damage After carefully assessing

REPORT: Flooded Homes Now Face Mold Concern (NEWS VIDEO)

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It seems like Abbotts is becoming almost a nightly fixture in Denver news. Listen to our President, Travis explain the mold risks Coloradans are facing following all the recent rain.

The Costs of Disaster Cleanup and Restoration

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Straight answers to questions about what we know best Abbotts is a family-owned business. Collectively, we have more than 65 years of experience in helping people recover their homes and businesses in the aftermath of calamity. We take very seriously our obligation to contribute value to our community and figure one good way to

Florida Court Decision Could be a Game Changer for Disaster-Related Insurance Work

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For a home or business owner, dealing with insurance companies when damage occurs to their property is an uncommon - and frequently frustrating - occurrence in their lives. Rather than reap the benefits of their premiums when they finally need them and get their damage taken care of painlessly, far too often insurance companies