Hunt Down Mold Damage Before You Have a Huge Problem On Your Hands

Finding out that there is mold damage in your home can make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or even disgusted. Before you take drastic measures like setting the house ablaze, let us help you with some tips on how to figure out if there’s mold in your house and how to get rid of it if you do! Many folks unknowingly live alongside mold. Whether you don’t know it’s there or you know and you’re ignoring it, mold can and will affect your health.


The Calling Cards of Mold

How are you supposed to know if there’s mold damage hiding in your home unless you know what to look for? Let us help, here are a few things to keep an eye out for if you suspect mold in your home:

  • An odd smell: Do you smell that? It’s sort of pungent. If there’s a new smell in your home and it’s hanging out in one area, that could be a sign of mold. Do you have wallpaper there? Mold likes to live behind wallpaper or in the walls.
  • It looks like mold damage: This one’s a little easier. You can see it. Mold thrives in humid spots so your bathroom and shower can easily house mold. It’s not as easy to spot in the basement, however. Keep an eye on areas that tend to get wet or hold moisture.
  • Your health has been affected: If you have mold hidden in areas you can’t see you can still tell it’s there if you’re experiencing health issues. Are your eyes watering frequently? Do you find yourself congested, sluggish, or lethargic? These are all symptoms of mold exposure. Do you notice that you feel better when you’re not at home? Bingo! You probably have mold.


So, Do You Have Mold?

If you’ve realized you do indeed have mold lurking in your home your best bet is to call a professional. Abbotts Fire and Flood have mold damage experts who can quickly identify the areas with the mold and rid your home of it.

Don’t panic if you do have mold damage. Unless you have a specific allergy to mold or asthma the exposure to the mold between the time you find out about it and the time the professionals arrive should not pose a serious threat to your health.

However, if you do have asthma or a mold allergy, it would be wise to stay elsewhere until the threat is removed from your home.  

If you’ve got mold damage, don’t wait. The longer you wait, the worse the effects on your health and your home will be. Call Abbotts Fire and Flood to rid your home of mold! (619) 773-0353