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Washing machines are a household necessity when it comes to cleaning, but when they malfunction, break, and cause a flood, they can be a nightmare to deal with. Although you would think this is an uncommon occurrence for the average homeowner, we actually receive calls regarding remediating washing machine floods on a weekly basis.

Flooding from a washing machine, while usually unexpected, can not only ruin plans but more importantly homes.

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Why Abbotts for Washing
Machine Water Removal Emergency

Why Abbotts for Washing
Machine Water Removal Emergency

Abbotts Fire & Flood - Location

Abbotts Fire and Flood in San Diego are professionals and very skilled in addressing water damage emergencies like washing machine floods. If floods are not acted upon quickly and with expert care, they can result in increased damage to floors, carpets, furniture, building structure, etc.

Floods can also cause mold and mildew unless proper procedures are used to dry out the property. Water damage restoration should be handled by experts like Abbotts, who utilize air movers, HEPA air filtration systems, and industrial-grade dehumidifiers for an efficient cleanup and successful restoration.

Restoring Your Home After a
Washing Machine Flood

Restoring your home after flooding caused by a washing machine overflow requires unique and expert attention. Unlike broken water pipes within walls or a sewer backup or overflowed toilet, water from a washing machine is “in-between” water, meaning it’s not sewage water or potable drinking water. This “grey” water can cause discomfort if consumed by humans.

To ensure your property has been properly sanitized and dried, it’s important that the company you choose to restore your property uses guidelines set forth by organizations such as the New York Standard for Mold Remediation, the EPA, and the IICRC Institute for Cleaning.

At Abbotts, we follow all the necessary precautions and guidelines, so you can be confident your home has been properly restored.

Key steps to take after a washing machine flood

Step 1. Stop the Water Flow

Step 2. Call Abbotts Fire & Flood San Diego

Step 3. Dry Any Items That Can Be Saved

Step 4. Monitor Moisture Levels and Drying Equipment Daily

Step 5. Understand Why the Flood Occurred

Step 6. Rebuild and Repair Necessary Areas

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