After a fire and its subsequent damage have been dealt with, a homeowner is still left to face soot, ash, and smoke damage.  These elements will cause your property to continue to smell like smoke unless they are handled properly. For a successful clean up, specialized restoration products such as HEPA filters and HEPA vacuums are very important, so remediation efforts should be left to professional restoration teams like Abbotts.  It is not enough to simply wipe down the surfaces of and in your property. Carpets, counter tops, clothes, and furniture are all porous and fibrous materials that odor likes to dig deep into. A field operator will be able to assess the extent of damage and necessary remediation efforts to remove odor from your home.

Along with household appliances, ductwork and HVAC systems can be the most common place for odor and soot to get trapped.  During the remediation process, a field operator will determine if these have been compromised. If they have not, they will be sealed in order to maintain their cleanliness during the remediation process.  If the HVAC and/or appliances have been damaged, a deep chemical clean will be needed. However, replacement of these systems will be required if the damage exceeds a certain extent.

Depending on the size of property and magnitude of smoke damage, Abbotts will implement varying remediation plans.  Large-scale jobs will sometimes require licensed contractors when structural components of the house have been compromised or when water damage results from the fire being extinguished.  At this stage of damage, demolition and rebuilding will be required. Fires can be a daunting experience but through concise planning they can be dealt with in a timely and stress-free manner.  Abbotts is trained and experienced in working with homeowners to find the best ways to get your property back to its original condition as fast as possible.

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“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the work that was completed at my home. You did a fantastic job. I felt like you really cared to educate me on what would happen and when. The workers were quiet and worked very hard. Finding a team like yours isn’t easy and I am happy to recommend Abbott’s.”

Amy Angell

“Amazing folks did a fast, through job when our basement was damaged due to flooding, first rate operation. I hope I don’t have to use them again (disasters are not my favorite thing in the world) but glad to know I’ve got the right people to call if something does go disastrously wrong. Thanks guys.”

Luke Pyle

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