Why You Should Use a San Diego Professional Smoke and Odor Removal Company

Odor Removal

There are many things that can cause odor issues within a home, including pet accidents, tobacco use, cooking odors, and more. Unfortunately, long-term odors can cause significant damage to carpets, furniture, and even paint if left untreated – especially when it comes to smoke or urine.

As more time elapses after the accident, the carpet will be more difficult to restore and there is a higher chance that it will be permanently damaged. Because there are many different factors that result in varying issues, it’s important to hire an experienced professional like Abbotts for smoke and odor removal.

What Can Cause Lingering Odors?

Smoke damage
Tobacco smoke attaches to surfaces and leaves a sticky, yellow-brown residue that homeowners can see, smell, and feel. Areas exposed to long term smoking are subject to both odor and discoloration. Not only does smoke penetrate through surfaces and objects, but it can also contaminate other areas throughout the building as smoke travels through its HVAC system.

We implement an array of methods to remove bad odors, from cleaning to chemical and hydroxyl treatments. Although odor molecules may only be seen on certain surfaces, smoke particles get carried throughout the building, making it common for multiple areas to be contaminated.

Because of this, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all surfaces, furniture and appliances using deodorizing agents, and use equipment like ozone machines and hydroxyl generators (which help to remove odors from areas that are unable to be cleaned by hand, such as the inside of walls).

Afterwards, walls and trim can be completely sealed and painted to restore the area to its original condition. Abbotts’s restoration team specializes in removing smoke damage but household items such as bedding and clothes may need special attention by outside specialists, as they absorb and hold odors better and are more easily damaged.

Pet urine
Accidents happen, and these include those from our beloved pets on our floors, carpeting, and furniture. Regardless of whether you discovered the accident hot off the press or found out it happened without your knowledge a while ago, dog and cat urine require odor cleanup. If left unattended, these accidents cause various types of damage to floors and furniture.

Pet urine can damage carpet in several ways, including weakening and separating its layers, creating stains, and producing odor. Stains are a common result of pet urine, and the success of removing them depends on the amount of time after the accident, and the type of carpet or furniture dye.

Our Professional Odor Removal Steps

Abbotts is able to combat odor by using a range of chemicals and tools and their expertise to remove odor that could otherwise be left in carpets, homes, or furniture. If pet urine has caused permanent damage to the carpet and odor cannot be removed, carpet replacement will be necessary.

Abbotts is highly trained in areas like stain removal, and odor removal. Our team works directly with homeowners and insurance companies to fix tough odor situations. We use ozone generators, Odorox Hydroxyl generators, enzyme foam heat cleaning and CL02 fogging to eliminate odors, bacteria and allergens.

Why Hire Abbotts for Odor Removal Service

After smoke damage has occurred, Abbotts can help restore your home to its original state by removing odors and residue. Abbotts professionals are experienced and highly skilled in tobacco smoke restoration procedures, and will work with property owners in the San Diego area to restore their property in an efficient and timely manner.

We know your goal is to get back to normal as quickly as possible – and we’ll make that happen. Contact us today for professional odor and smoke removal services in San Diego County.

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