San Diego Smoke and Tobacco Odor Removal

Odors due to cigarettes, marijuana and tobacco products being used in the home can be restored and removed by professionals like Abbotts. Odor removal may be needed before selling a house, in between apartment tenants, or even in cars. According to the EPA, Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), often referred to as secondhand smoke, is “a mixture of the smoke given off by the burning of tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars or pipes and the smoke exhaled by smokers.” Exposure to this is called passive smoking, which is still very harmful to humans and animals. ETS is mixture of thousands of compounds, many of which are known to be irritants and carcinogens.

Marijuana, Cigar, Cigarette, Nicotine Odors in your home, apartment, car, RV, boat or bus?

There is nothing more offensive to non-smokers then the stale smell of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or cannabis in a home, car or your boat or RV.  And many times, these odors travel through ventilation systems or even cracks in the walls. Consumer products mask these odors with fragrances rather than removing them at the molecular level.  The source of the smell needs to be removed and Abbotts uses environmentally safe processes to destroy the source(s). You need the help of a professional odor removal service company who treats surfaces AND air to get things smelling right again. Call Abbotts to eliminate (not just cover up) the odor you need removed.

Car, Bus, Boat & RV Smoke Odors

Bad smells in your car or boat  come from bacteria or microscopic molecules that attach themselves to upholstery and plastics. Most of the time, service providers and auto detailers use ozone or other nasty smelling odor bombs and often they don’t work.  We will penetrate and destroy these odors at the molecular level.

Cigarette and marijuana smoke is impossible to get out of vehicles using typical cleaning products and methods. The odor builds up and absorbs into the upholstery and vents.  Abbotts professional odor removal services eliminates odors from the toughest vehicle interior and the A/C system.  Your vehicle will be sanitized against a variety of contaminants.

Smoke Odors In Your Home, Apartment or Hotel Rooms

Homeowners, renters, and Real Estate agents!   Abbotts can handle your odor removal in San Diego!    Cigarette smoke odor can significantly reduce selling prices or rental income.  Our expertise and process destroy the smell at the molecular level. , Abbotts uses ozone generators, odorox Hydroxyl generators, enzyme foam heat cleaning and CL02 fogging to eliminate odors, bacteria and allergens. Thermal Fogging and thermal blocks reintroduce a neutral odor back into the environment.  Smoke particles are less than  one-thousandth the width of a human hair, which means they penetrate surfaces that you use every day.  If your walls are tar stained, you will be able to see the original color after removing pictures from the wall. By eliminating the smoke odor, the ‘saleability’ of your property is already enhanced safe for everyday living.  Your best approach is to remove the odors BEFORE listing your home for sale.

Odors From Smoke Damage

Whether caused by a natural disaster or from an accident, smoke odor can present  challenges to experienced restoration professionals. The odor from smoke is stubborn and lingers after the flames have been put out.  Different materials emit different smoke smells. A plastic material fire smells differently than a wood or protein fire. Professional odor removal experts like Abbotts can help.  

Tobacco Smoke Odors

Tobacco smoke attaches to surfaces and leaves a sticky, yellow-brown residue that homeowners can see, smell, and feel.  Areas exposed to long term smoking are subject to both odor and discoloration. Not only does smoke penetrate through surfaces and objects, but it can also contaminate other areas throughout the building as smoke travels through its HVAC system.

The long term effects of smoking indoors are very similar to the effects of a fire, but tobacco smoke removal can sometimes be more difficult.  Because odor and residue is present throughout the entire building, tobacco smoke restoration proves to be very time consuming and a big challenge.

There is no chemical that can simply remove tobacco smoke all together.  These restoration projects require an extremely thorough cleaning process. Although smoke residue may only be seen on certain surfaces, smoke particles get carried throughout the building, making it common that all areas are contaminated.  Because of this, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all surfaces, furniture and appliances using deodorizing agents, and use equipment like ozone machines and hydroxyl generators (which help to remove odors from areas that are unable to be cleaned by hand, such as the inside of walls). Afterwards, walls and trim will be completely sealed and painted to restore the area to its original condition. Abbotts’s restoration team specializes in removing smoke damage but household items such as bedding and clothes may need special attention by outside specialists, as they absorb and hold odors better and are more easily damaged.

After smoke damage has occurred, Abbotts helps restore properties to their original state by removing odors and residue.  Abbotts professionals are experienced and highly skilled in tobacco smoke restoration procedures, and will work with property owners in the San Diego area to restore their property in an efficient and timely manner.

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