Fire Damage

Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend is here and for many of us in San Diego that means reflecting on the sacrifice and service of our men and women of the military. It also means gathering with friends and family and firing up the grill. Before you start slinging brats and burgers though, make sure you've accounted for

Check Out These Upcoming Abbotts Sponsored Events

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Abbotts is proud to sponsor industry events that bring disaster cleanup and restoration professionals together and promote shared knowledge to benefit the whole community. We recently sponsored the Apartment Association of Metro Denver 2015 Maintenance Olympics, a valuable event that helps all kinds of maintenance professionals hone their skills to better serve the community. Check

In Photos: Anatomy of a San Diego Fire Damage Restoration Project

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Abbotts Fire and Flood is ready to jump into action to quickly safeguard and restore your San Diego property when disaster strikes. A recent San Diego house fire left a family’s home with catastrophic damage. While fast-responding San Diego firefighters saved the home, the fire still did significant damage to the structure, as well

Clogged Dryer Vents Ignite 15,000 House Fires a Year

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Clogged Dryer Vents Ignite 15,000 House Fires a Year Ah, nice, toasty socks right out of the dryer feel great in the winter. Unfortunately, residential clothes dryers can toast more than socks. Flammable lint can work its way through your dryer’s lint filter and contact hot machine parts, including the dryer’s heating element. Worse, still,

Fire Damage Do’s and Don’ts

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When fire strikes, the results can be devastating. Fire and smoke can damage or destroy property from buildings to clothing and furniture. After the safety of loved ones is insured, your top priority will likely be getting your property back to normal. When you’re facing the aftermath of a disaster, this can seem like an

11 Tips for What to do During and After a House Fire

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Steps to Take During a House Fire and After At Abbotts Fire and Flood we know how scary and disorienting a fire can be so we've compiled a list of things to do once you realize there is a house fire and what to do after the fire. During a Fire 1. Check Doors Before