How Mold Remediation Specialists Find and Eradicate Mold (Part 2)

By |May 27th, 2018|Blog, Mold|

In part 1 of our mold remediation report, we talked about what to expect when you think you have a mold problem and call in a mold testing and remediation specialist. We discussed testing procedures and outlined what a professional mold specialist would look for and report. Your mold specialist will report moisture intrusion,

How Do I Know If I Have Mold Damage In My Home?

By |August 31st, 2016|Blog, Mold|

  Hunt Down Mold Damage Before You Have a Huge Problem On Your Hands Finding out that there is mold damage in your home can make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or even disgusted. Before you take drastic measures like setting the house ablaze, let us help you with some tips on how to figure

Water Damage Tip #8 – Ventilate

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Get Started on This Step Right Away This tip is crucial to minimizing your water damage and helping to recover quickly. Ventilation enables water to evaporate faster, which helps reduce the damage and prevent other issues, like mold infestation. We'll bring specialized equipment, including high-speed, high-capacity fans. But you can get started on this crucial

Seasonal Allergies Are a Reminder of Mold Health Risks

By |August 25th, 2015|Blog, Mold|

Summertime ... and the Livin' Is Sneezy What, you ask, do respiratory allergic reactions to pollen have to do with mold? Good question. Here’s the connection. Hot, Dry = Pollen (and Mold Risk) Pollen that has dried out to its lightest, most wind-carry-able weight is lifted by warm, late summer winds and carried, well, everywhere.

Why Remove Old Insulation?

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Old Insulation Removal There are any number of reasons you might want or need to remove old insulation from your attic or other spaces in your home or business. Whatever the reason, Abbotts has state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to remove hazardous old insulation safely and effectively. Hazards Many insulation materials contain asbestos, which is known

Water Damage Tip #5: Document Damage

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This Step Is Critical Documenting your damage is of particular importance when you have flooding from weather or plumbing leaks, so important that we’ve broken this critical property protection step out of our blog post Water Damage? Follow These 10 Tips and expanded it. Water Damage Tip #5 – Document Damage After carefully assessing