San Diego Water Damage Cleanup Means Mud

In the summertime, we get fires. Then we get rain (the Pacific is a big ocean, after all). Then we get floods. And mud. So that’s the first thing you need to know if you have water damage to cleanup in Southern California: you could be cleaning up a lot of really nasty mud.

We love a good soak in the mud as well as the next water damage cleanup company, but we prefer our mud free of harmful contaminants like animal feces, toxic chemicals and hungry parasites … all present in contaminated mud left by floodwaters. So if you get flooding in your home or business and have a muddy water damage cleanup headache, make sure you wear protective clothing and decontaminate everything that gets coated in mud.

San Diego Water Damage Cleanup Means Mold

You could point out that we all played in the mud when we were kids, so maybe it’s not that big a deal. Just a pain in the pocketbook, among other places. Let’s say it’s true. But the mud also leaves behind another problem: mold spores.

Mold spores have been found in every environment on earth, so their presence is guaranteed in the unseen remainders likely left behind muddy flood water damage cleanup. Guess what else mud brings to the mold equation? Food. Organic material that mold can slowly digest to form more spores as the cycle rolls on. Interrupt the cycle, or suffer long at the mercy of mold.

San Diego Water Damage Cleanup Means Critters

If your property sustains water damage caused by rain and flooding, that means that all manner of animals with which you share a habitat also had their homes disrupted or even destroyed. If they find themselves trapped on your property, they are not likely to be happy or friendly. Give them a wide berth, and don’t hesitate to call animal control professionals to remove any animal trapped in your home or business by floodwater. Remember that snakes don’t have to be venomous to inflict a nasty bite, and many bug bites are vulnerable to secondary infections.

San Diego Water Damage Cleanup Means Germs and Other Bad Stuff

In modern American society, floodwaters of any size or scale almost always carry some level of serious contamination from biological and chemical sources. Benzine from machine fuels and lubricants, toxins from cleaning chemicals and pesticides, as well as biological contaminants from animal waste and organic decomposition all mix into a cocktail of potentially serious health risks. It bears repeating to protect yourself and others with precautions to keep exposure to floodwater and its residue to a minimum and thoroughly clean all personal items and tools used in water damage cleanup.

San Diego Water Damage Cleanup Means Abbotts

We built our business in water damage cleanup, laying a foundation of experience, training and commitment that has earned us raving reviews from our clients. Trust Abbotts for water damage cleanup.

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