Mold Growth in a Home

Mold-related illness is nothing to take lightly. Discovering mold in your home can be a miserable experience. Suddenly you are not only faced with the question of what to do but also how long has it been there? How far has the mold spread throughout your home? Is it dangerous, and has anyone gotten ill because of the mold? The longer people live in a home with mold resulting from any type of water damage, the more likely someone in the house will begin to get sick but are some people more likely to get sick than others? Is it possible that something deep within our cells could actually make us more susceptible to mold-related illness? For nearly one-quarter of the population, this is an unfortunate reality. Their genetics really do cause them to be more likely to get sick due to mold exposure than others.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Interestingly enough, three-quarters of the population are able to find and destroy biotoxins created by mold. Meaning, our bodies will eventually track down and destroy whatever is causing mold-related illness. However, the remaining 25% of people cannot destroy the biotoxins that mold creates, causing  Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). People with CIRS are unable to fight toxins, meaning those biotoxins will remain and they will get sicker the longer they are exposed to mold and end up with a mold-related illness.

If you have CIRS, it is important to be wary of areas with mold from water damage.  Make sure to wear proper safety equipment if you are entering an area with mold and do not linger unnecessarily. Fatigue, vertigo, night sweats, joint pain, and cough are among the long list of symptoms caused by CIRS.

Diagnosing CIRS

CIRS can be difficult to diagnose because the list of mold-related symptoms is so extensive.  Many of the symptoms could be linked to other numerous health conditions so CIRS is very rarely determined as the culprit.  Here’s a test-If you live in an area that has suffered water damage or has been affected by mold, ask your doctor about CIRS. If you have not been feeling well for long periods of time and are in an area with a mold-related concern, be sure to speak to your doctor.

Mold Remediation in San Diego, CA

If you are concerned about mold in your home, contact the professionals at Abbotts Fire and Flood.  You can incur further health concerns by handling mold without the proper training or equipment. You may be part of the population that does not have a genetic weakness, however, proper mold remediation is still important in the prevention of mold-related illness.  Your local team of mold remediation experts in San Diego is Abbotts Fire and Flood. Call us today at 619-794-0092.