Got Asbestos? Here’s What to Expect

Asbestos is a fibrous material that is fire resistant and a good insulator, so it was a popular building material late in the 19th pointed to the substance causing numerous serious health problems.

Studies showed that exposure to asbestos significantly increased risks of many cancers, including the horrific mesothelioma. Even brief exposure to asbestos was shown to carry potentially serious health risks

The wave of damning data resulted in bans on asbestos use in construction and subsequent strict regulations governing its handling and disposal. Asbestos abatement became a business, as property owners scrambled to comply with complex new regulations and avoid legal and regulatory problems and costs.

Nowadays, if you find out that asbestos was used in the construction of your property, you can call an asbestos abatement specialist, who can help you safely and efficiently eliminate and dispose of the hazard.

Asbestos Abatement Process

Your asbestos abatement expert will analyze the scope of your asbestos abatement project and craft a strategic plan to safely remove the asbestos, properly dispose of it and certify your property’s safety and compliance with regulations and laws related to asbestos.

Early stages of an asbestos abatement plan may include sealing and containing the area containing asbestos and using equipment to establish and maintain negative atmospheric pressure. This effectively creates a vacuum that keeps the hazardous material from contaminating adjacent areas.

Special equipment filters contaminated air in three stages, removing asbestos particles and enabling properly protected workers to remove the asbestos-containing material and clean the area. Asbestos is carefully sealed in special bags and transported to a facility approved for asbestos disposal.

When the asbestos is removed and the area thoroughly decontaminated, a certified industrial hygienist retests the air quality in the affected area and clears the property for reconstruction or other use. Abbotts performs asbestos testing starting at $175.  Call Abbotts today at 303-975-4000 for more information.