Residents of San Diego are no strangers to mold. We all know we don’t want it in our homes. But many homeowners aren’t sure exactly what to do if you think you have mold in your home.

Mold is everywhere naturally but when we have mold in our homes it can affect our air quality. This is why if you suspect you have mold it’s important to act quickly to make sure you and your family stay healthy.

In some cases mold is so minimal that a few sprays of bleach should do the trick. But if you’re facing a large amount of mold it’s important that you call in the professionals. At Abbotts Fire and Flood we have specialists certified in mold remediation. It’s important to work with professional because have the equipment and training necessary to rid your home of mold and to make sure it doesn’t spread to other areas of your home. We stop it in it’s tracks.

We are licensed through the state of California for mold remediation and with the IICRC. At Abbotts our main goal is to get your life back to normal quickly. We work fast and efficiently to rid your home of dangerous mold so you can rest assured that you and your family are safe. If you are experiencing mold in your home and you’d like to talk to one of our experts please call (619) 223-1800 and we’ll be right over!