When you’re dealing with water damage in your home, documenting the damage is very important. So, if you’ve checked out the area and followed safety procedures you are ready to begin documenting the water damage in your home. Here are a few tips to help you protect your investment!

First, Document the Damage!

  1. Make a list of everything damaged by the water in or on the property. This includes damage the structure of your home, your items, and your landscaping.
  2. Make sure you’re as detailed as possible when describing the water damage. Take photos and if photos aren’t possible draw descriptions.
  3. You’ll want to gather up all your corresponding documents and include them. This includes things such as titles and proof of ownership for large items such as vehicles. If these are unavailable try and make your own estimation of the value of the items before the damage.
  4. Be detailed with each item. Take care to document how many of each item was damaged, a description, the name, where you bought it, how much it cost, model number and serial number (if you have it), and how  much you estimate the loss to be. Add photos, receipts, and bills.
  5. When taking photos try to take a shot of every angle that you can safely get to.

Document Your Cleanup

  1. Take note of your undamaged items and put them in a safe place to avoid more water damage. Keep a log of your cleanup endeavors including photos and/or videos. This pertains to before and after the cleanup.
  2. If something is beyond repair make sure your insurance adjuster sees it before it’s tossed.
  3. Keep your receipts. You’ll no doubt need to buy or rent some tools to aid you in your cleanup. Also, if you need to buy a replacement item you will need to show your receipt.

Get in Touch With Your Insurance Company

When you’re ready either you or Abbotts can contact your insurance company. If you choose to do it yourself make sure you have this information handy:

  • Policy Number
  • A way to reach you, be it phone or email
  • A damage summary including when it occurred.

As noted above, Abbotts can take care of this for you as we work with all insurance agencies. We’re fully equipped and trained to take care of the claims process for our clients. Some people find this helpful as they already have their hands full. If you’re currently dealing with a water damage situation and you need help, Call Abbotts at (619)223-1800