Fast & Professional Spring Valley Water Damage Restoration Services, 24/7

When a water disaster strikes, time is something you can’t afford to waste. That’s when you call a team of professionals that you can trust to handle your Spring Valley water damage restoration. The water damage will be worse and make you deal with more mold and mildew the longer you wait. Luckily, our Spring Valley water damage restoration team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you get assistance right away.

Taking on water damage restoration is no small job. The process includes an initial inspection, the water removal, drying of the materials and area affected by the flooding, cleaning and sanitation of the salvageable materials. That is followed by the restoration of the area back to the way it was previous to the water damage.

Water Damage Inspection

When we commence the inspection phase, our team identifies and stops the source of the water issue, then determines if the water is white, grey or black. All furniture is blocked off during this phase. If our team identifies the threat of move flooding, they will help pack out your home and move unaffected items to a safe location.

Emergency Water Removal

After the inspection is complete, our team begins the water removal process. For large scale disasters, we have truck mounted removal. We also have submersible pumps and professional grade wet/dry vacuums. After we have removed all of the surface water our team will evaluate your carpet and padding. In grey water and black water situations we will remove the carpet and padding and it will be replaced during the restoration phase.

Once the standing water has been taken care of, our special air flow fans and professional grade dehumidifiers are used to pull the moisture out of the air. Our water damage restoration team monitors the area with moisture detectors, hygrometers and infrared cameras.

Full Cleaning and Sanitation Service and Water Damage Restoration

Our Spring Valley water damage restoration team will then commence with a full home cleaning. This process includes dry cleaning, wet cleaning, a full spray and wipe down service, foaming cleaner and immersion cleaning as necessary. Our team will handle the restoring and replacing of all items as needed. They will also replace drywall, hardwood, tile and paint that have been damaged.