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We are Logan Heights mold remediation experts. Abbotts specializes in safe and permanent mold removal, delivering the quality mold remediation that our customers in Logan Heights deserve.

Mold growth and property damage can occur within 24 to 48 hours if a property is left with high moisture levels. In addition to the mold damage, mold can also cause serious respiratory and health problems due to the mycotoxins they produce.

Our mold remediation team in Logan Heights combines experience, training, and all the right tools to go deeper and find the cause of your mold issue and remediate it effectively.

Here are 5 important things you should know about mold:

Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.

Fix the source of the water problem or leak to prevent mold growth.

Clean and dry any damp or wet building materials and furnishings within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.

In areas where there is a perpetual moisture problem, do not install carpeting (i.e., by drinking fountains, by classroom sinks, or on concrete floors with leaks or frequent condensation).

Molds can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any substance, providing moisture is present. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, and foods.

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency.

For more information on mold in San Diego county, please read our mold removal and mold remediation service page. We proudly serve our community of Logan Heights. In case of any questions, please give us a call at (619) 223-1800; we’ll be happy to give you the first assessment in your issue.

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