There’s only one place to call when a water disaster strikes in Lemon Grove, the best Lemon Grove water damage restoration company: Abbotts Fire and Flood Restoration. Water damage is something you likely didn’t plan for, and it requires quick action. Waiting to call in for help with Lemon Grove water damage restoration is a risk you don’t want to take.

An Immediate Water Damage Inspection

As soon as our team arrives, they will conduct a walk through to assess the damage. The team will use their arsenal of hygrometers, infrared cameras and moisture detectors to find water behind the walls, in ceilings and across the floors. The Abbotts Fire And Flood team will also remove all salvageable materials and place them in a safe place to be restored and cleaned.

Water Removal and Drying Process

Using submersible pumps or industrial strength wet dry vacuums, we will begin to tackle the water damage. The team also has truck mounted equipment for water removal on a larger scale. After our  team has removed the standing water, we’ll use our professional grade air handlers and dehumidification equipment to pull moisture out of the drywall, hardwood and other structures. We will prevent the mold from growing in your home or office by removing this water.

Sanitization, Deodorization and Cleaning

The sanitation process begins after the water is all gone and the appropriate humidity balance has been achieved. We categorize the water damage as white, grey or black, each handled differently. In a white or grey water scenario, materials can be sanitized and deodorized with our traditional techniques. Black water or sewage cleanup requires that we remove all affected materials and replace them.

We also have a  full mold remediation team just in case there is mold found during the sanitation process. We’ll do what it takes to ensure your home or office in Lemon Grove is mold free.