We Are The #1 Water Damage Restoration Experts in La Mesa

You never plan to have a water disaster, it just happens.  When this kind of emergency does happen, acting quickly can be the difference between losing everything and having a chance to cut your water damages by up to 50%. Luckily, our La Mesa water damage restoration team is available 24/7 to assist in stopping the flood damage.

We Offer The Following Full Service Restoration Services in La Mesa:

Water & flood damage restoration

Fire damage repair

Mold remediation services

Commercial restoration

Emergency 24/7 damage removal

Contents restoration

We’re Fully Equipped for Water Extraction

Our La Mesa water damage restoration experts have everything they need to tackle your water extraction job. This includes wet dry vacuum equipment, industrial driers, submersible pumps and truck based extraction methods to make sure every drop of water is removed from your building. The process starts when you call in, as our online operator will assist to make sure you can minimize the damage the water has already done while you await our restoration team’s arrival.

In the Event of a Flood:

Look for the shut off valve closest to your leak, and shut it off.  If you can’t find that shut off, turn off the main for the house or building.

Be sure to unplug any devices that the water has not reached yet, but potentially could.

Go to your main breaker and turn off the electric power for the affected area.

Pin up furniture skirts and drapes so they don’t wick up water.

If you have aluminum foil, place some pieces under furniture legs to help prevent rust spots in the carpet.

Wash your hands after touching anything that was in the damage area. Grey or black water may be present and the contaminants may be on your hands.

Don’t walk on the carpet unless you absolutely have to.

Don’t use a wet dry shop vac to clear the area yourself. They are not rated for large scale water removal and could short circuit.

We Offer The Following Services In La Mesa: