Think Mold Damage Is Not a Problem in San Diego? Think Again

You’ve probably heard that some types of mold can cause serious health damage, particularly black mold, which produces neurotoxic compounds. And most varieties of the fungus can cause mold damage to property, not to mention serious health problems for people with breathing problems or compromised immune systems, as well as the very young, old or infirm.

But those kinds of molds and problems only occur in tropical or swamp environments, right?


Mold Loves San Diego

As it turns out, the old song was wrong when it declared, “It never rains in southern California.” Or maybe it was, after all, when it continued, “It pours, man, it pours!” Sporadic extreme wet weather, like El Niño-spawned waves of drenching storms that have caused widespread San Diego flooding and mudslides in recent years, can also leave behind a fertile breeding ground for mold that can threaten human health in lots of nasty ways.

Wet, Warm, Organic Material + Enclosed Spaces = Mold (and Damage)

Take equal parts water and heat, add organic material for food, such as wood or paper (common in building materials), and the mold spores that are often already scattered about can suddenly burst into not-so-lovely bloom, resulting in a big, smelly, unsightly and potentially hazardous mess. So when “It pours, man, it pours,” mold can be a big threat. But it can find its way into your home or business almost anytime.

Even When it’s Dry, Mold Threatens

Mold needs moisture and food to grow. When it gets hot and dry for extended periods, such as when pollen and dust blow everywhere in hot summertime winds, mold produces spores that can join dust and pollen in hot, circulating air. When the tiny spores find their way into enclosed spaces with moisture and food, trouble ensues.

Got Mold? It’ll Get Worse …

Perhaps some mold started growing on a wall in your basement, but it dried up and stopped spreading, so you stopped worrying about it. The problem is that it actually is spreading. So your family, employees or customers could be breathing potentially toxic spores right now. And when the spores find water and food (they always do), your little mold problem will become a big infestation.

What to Do? Test for Mold and Remove It, Right Away!

The best way to combat mold damage in San Diego or anywhere is to catch it before it gets out of hand and remove it. If you know or suspect you have mold, have your home tested and ensure total eradication. Also consider using antifungal paints and other building materials to prevent future infestations.

Abbotts: Expert, Professional Mold Damage Mitigation

Removing mold, cleaning infested surfaces and mitigating mold causes is potentially hazardous and challenging work. Without proper training and personal protection equipment, you can expose your family or employees to potentially hazardous mold spores and toxins. And you could be taking these unnecessary risks for no good reason, failing to completely eradicate and mitigate the mold problem and incurring repeated, heavy expenses in your attempts.

Abbotts mold testing and remediation specialists have the training, experience and know-how to find your mold problem, remove it and repair your mold damage, once and for all. Call Abbotts today and breathe easier.

Mold Damage Costs Rise Fast.