Abbotts: Infrared Thermal Imaging Specialists

Thermal Imaging is a unique and powerful tool that is very useful in flood and fire restoration efforts. Thermal imaging cameras reveal a variety of small temperature differences over large or small areas. Simply put, with thermal imaging equipment, Abbotts Fire & Flood can easily determine the source of any problem areas before the repairs begin, saving time, money, and the integrity of the original structures.

Thermal Imaging allows Abbotts Fire & Flood to:

  • Locate any trapped water and lingering moisture inside walls and ceilings. Taking care of this issue will prevent mold & mildew from growing.
  • Find broken or leaking water lines behind your walls. This will ease any larger demolition and repair bills.
  • Find ‘cold spots’ inside walls which is linked to damp insulation.

Our expert team is trained to use thermal imaging cameras on a variety of restoration projects to diagnose the true condition of the structure. Using this technology, Abbotts Fire & Flood can quickly and easily identify areas of possible water damage.

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Why Choose Abbotts?

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What Our Clients Say

“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the work that was completed at my home. You did a fantastic job. I felt like you really cared to educate me on what would happen and when. The workers were quiet and worked very hard. Finding a team like yours isn’t easy and I am happy to recommend Abbott’s.”
Amy Angell
“Amazing folks did a fast, through job when our basement was damaged due to flooding, first rate operation. I hope I don’t have to use them again (disasters are not my favorite thing in the world) but glad to know I’ve got the right people to call if something does go disastrously wrong. Thanks guys.”
Luke Pyle