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Abbotts is at your call 24/7 should you ever need to hire a fire and smoke damage Restoration Company.  Our trained professionals will guide you through the process of rebuilding what was lost and restoring what was damaged. Fire and smoke can cause a significant amount of damage to your home, business and personal property including your clothes, furniture, electronics and other belongings.  We clean, repair and restore properties damaged from unexpected disasters.   We use state of the art restoration technology and equipment which allows us to reduce your expenses, loss of use and business or property interruption.

When a disaster strikes such as a fire it is traumatizing. Aside from being shaken emotionally by the potential danger of a fire people are also left with major damage to their homes. In times of crisis our specialists are here to help get your home or business back to normal while you recuperate. Our specialists respond within 60 minutes and are on their way, beginning the process of securing and restoring your home or business.

It is important to deal with fire damage immediately, otherwise it can lead to further damage to the building or property contents. Our trained fire damage specialist will work with your insurance company and adjustor to help assess and document the damage quickly so we can begin repairs as soon as possible.

Most fires create excessive amounts of smoke that gets trapped within your home during the fire.  This smoke pressurizes your home and permeates the structure and contents. The soot and smell of the smoke can almost be as destructive as the actual fire in the amount of damage caused to the building and its contents. Abbott’s fire damage specialists can help assess the amount of smoke damage and fire damage to your home or business and begin to quickly restore your life back to normal.

We go through several steps to restore and repair your home or building. The first step is to secure the premises. We fully secure the structure and tarp the roof so the elements can’t get in and do further damage to your property and its contents. This not only protects your remaining possessions from weather but also theft.  We then employ the use of containment, negative air, and dehumidification systems to dry the structure and prevent the growth of mold caused by the water used to extinguish the fire.

After securing home or business, it may be necessary to inventory your contents and move them to our facility to be deemed salvageable or not.  Salvageable items will be cleaned, inventoried and stored in our climate controlled facility until your property is fully repaired to its pre-loss condition.

Abbotts will work with your insurance company and adjustor to provide a scope of work deemed necessary to bring your home or business back to a pre-loss condition.  Once the scope is approved and agreed on Abbotts will bring your property and its contents back to a pre-loss condition.

There are of course different methods for restoring different types of items, what works on one material may not work on another. Smoke is made up of minute particles of carbon and other materials and carcinogens such as wood tars, gases, soot and ash.  Since these particles are so tiny, they can work their way into the most inconspicuous of places and are hard to remove.  This is why you need Abbotts.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to deal with your home or business after a recent fire, your best and safest bet is to hire Abbotts Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Service. Give Abbotts a call today to speak to one of our highly trained professionals available to speak 24/7, 365 days a year at absolutely no charge.


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