Pack Out & Storage Services

Sometimes when your home or business is damaged a pack-out is required. To move all the contents in each room and to a new location can be overwhelming to you. The prompt pack out is necessary for content cleaning and damage restoration in the event of disasters such as fire and smoke or damage from a flood. We can provide content pack out services, as well as climate controlled storage if needed. Our highly trained staff knows the importance of carefully and respectfully removing the items from your home or business and relocating them to be restored to their pre-disaster state. All of your personal and valuable belongings will be inventoried and stored in a safe, secure and climate controlled environment to prevent loss and further damage.

Abbotts Fire and Flood San Diego has the IICRC certified skills that allows us to remove all signs of a smoke and fire. We will clean every surface of your house. This means we wash all of your dishes, sodablast all surfaces, and clean all soot and ash damage. You can also call us to clean up fire extinguisher chemicals. Plus, we work directly with your insurance company, so that you can enjoy utter peace of mind. We itemize all damages, take plenty of pictures, and find the best resources, so that you get the best restoration service at a great price.

Once your belongings are in safely in storage our restoration experts will begin the process of cleaning up and restoring your items. Our restoration system is designed to help bring your items back to their pre-disaster state so you do not feel the loss of valuable possession, family heirlooms or retail inventory. If disaster has struck requiring content pack out and storage services in San Diego, contact us today at 619-223-1800

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