Flood Remediation & Cleanup

Having to confront the resulting damage caused by a flood or backed up pipes can be a very difficult and traumatic task to deal with. Those who have had to go through this often deal with strong feelings of distress caused by the loss of property or personal items. Despite the emotional stress that one is going through, it is essential that you take initiative so that the water does not do more damage to your property. The first step is to contact a specialist in dealing with flood damage.

Flood damage restoration is a complicated process that is unique and specialized to every case.  Abbotts restoration professionals are trained to assess property damage and construct an individualized procedure in order to restore your property to its original state in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

The amount of damage done to your home, and as a consequence, the cost of a repair is a direct result of the amount of time that flood water is sitting in your property. There are a myriad of actions that an individual can take to limit the amount of damage done by flood waters to your home, property or personal belonging.  Some of these actions are listed below and are the initial steps to restoring your property and personal belongings. Whether or not this is your first time dealing with water damage remediation, you can expect that the insurance company will do whatever they can to save themselves money, or even worse, deny your claim altogether.

Here at Abbotts our priority is doing what is best for our customers. As we work for the customer not the insurance company, we are experienced working with insurance adjustors and will work as a middle ground between you and your insurance company.  As a family owned and operated business, we treat our customers like family. Your satisfaction with our services is our ultimate goal. We want our customers to have a company they know and trust when disaster strikes.

The first step is to call your insurer to determine what kind of coverage your entitled to based on the water damage.  You need to first file a claim and find out what will be taken care of and what will not. Some insurers will cover the totality of the damage done to your home, including the loss of personal belonging and the cost of hiring a contractor.

The emotional toll that something like flood damage can cause is significant and should not be scoffed at, this is why it’s important to a water damage restoration company to guide you through the process. They will come to your property and survey the damage and give you a free quote on how much the damages will take to repair and then guide you through the process step by step. It’s strongly encouraged to hire a water damage restoration company as they will resolve all issues related to structural damage and mold.  If these two things are not properly addressed, they can compound and repair costs will increase exponentially. Some of the steps a flood restoration company will take are as follows:

Carpet Care – Carpets are one of the first items to be addressed as they are extremely conducive to mold growth and water can leak deep into the material. This could cause severe health consequences to your family as they would be in close contact with mold and its spores, and eventually lead to extremely high restoration costs if left untreated.

Hardwood Floor Care – Similarly to carpets, hardwood floors with moisture trapped inside will also lead to severe mold growth that could result in the complete replacement of all your flooring if not addressed quickly.  A proper water restoration company will completely remove all water from underneath the floorboards to eliminate the possibility of greater damage occurring.

Removal of Debris – One of the perks of hiring a flood restoration company is that you’re not required to remove and personal belongings from the home,  as the company will take care of this for you, salvaging any items that can be, and disposing of those that cannot. This can save you on costs and time.  This includes large items like furniture all the way down to smaller items like toaster ovens.

However, the primary reason to hire a water restoration company is for the removal of mold, mildew, and odor.  Mold and mildew are extremely resilient and difficult to eliminate in their entirety, if not dealt with properly they will spread again and cause more property damage and even a health risk to your pets and loved ones.  Don’t hesitate in hiring a water restoration company as trying to take this task head-on without the help of experts has a slim chance of success and can lead to severe consequences.

Abbotts stays ahead of its competitors by using advanced drying techniques and equipment.  Our technicians and project managers are IICRC certified and have experience in a wide variety of water remediation operations.  Having friendly and knowledgeable employees is the key to keeping our great reputation. We take pride in our workmanship and our customer service.  We understand that damage in your home can cause stress and heartache. It is in the nature of our business to remediate a problem and make your life easier, so we are available 24/7 to take care of your needs and answer any questions you have about getting your home back to its original condition.  At Abbotts, we make commercial and home disasters a thing of the past.

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“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the work that was completed at my home. You did a fantastic job. I felt like you really cared to educate me on what would happen and when. The workers were quiet and worked very hard. Finding a team like yours isn’t easy and I am happy to recommend Abbott’s.”

Amy Angell

“Amazing folks did a fast, through job when our basement was damaged due to flooding, first rate operation. I hope I don’t have to use them again (disasters are not my favorite thing in the world) but glad to know I’ve got the right people to call if something does go disastrously wrong. Thanks guys.”

Luke Pyle

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