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Sewage overflow and spills are a nightmare for homeowners. It’s extremely important to hire experienced professionals to handle the cleanup as the toxic nature of sewage makes it a hazard, not to mention how unpleasant the smell is. Abbotts’ sewage restoration will cover your entire house to make sure that it is properly cleansed.

Risks of Incorrect Sewage Cleanup

The backup and overflow of sewers can cause severe health threats, especially when they are indoors. Water is a long term destructive element. It moves, so it has the ability to dissolve materials and promote the growth of many microorganisms and mold.  This water is infested with millions of germs, bacteria and blood-born pathogens which are all extremely unhealthy.  The restoration process has specific steps to be taken and should be done by certified professionals.  An improper cleanup process can have long term, serious consequences: 

  • Hepatitis-A, Leptospirosis, Tetanus, Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Mold from moisture not fully removed, which requires another entire restoration procedure
  • Bacteria growth and the spreading of viruses to people and pets

Abbotts Sewage Cleanup Process:

Abbotts makes use of the best industrial equipment available. When you have a sewer backup, anything that has been touched by sewage needs to be treated and cleaned properly. This is where Abbotts comes in.  Our professionals will remove all affected materials. We then steam clean, hot mop and treat all surfaces. This deep cleaning will thoroughly cleanse and properly disinfect all affected areas.

We all agree that sewage backup is a disgusting problem. The thought of your home being invaded by fecal matter and other waste materials is unsettling to say the least. When a sewer backs up and the contaminated water enters your home it is essential to take action immediately. If you are experiencing a sewage problem call Abbotts immediately and our experts will respond within 60 minutes.

A quick response to a sewer backup is necessary because of the potential problems that can result from the loss. Standing water can cause water damage and structural damage to your home and also provides an environment supportive to mold growth. It is also important because of the many bacteria’s and viruses that can be spread during the backup. To prevent structural damage to your home, as well as preventing potential health concerns it is important to contact Abbotts Sewage Removal immediately.  Our Specialists not only remove the waste and fix the source of the problem but they will also thoroughly clean and disinfect the contaminated area. When disaster strikes be sure to call Abbotts Sewage Removal as soon as possible to get your home back to its normal state.

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