San Diego Confronts Unique Water Damage Risks and Challenges

San Diego is a unique community. We’re people who are mindful of our place in the world, who celebrate life and its adventures, and who remember that we are strong when we help each other. So when it comes to flooding and water damage from our weird, sometimes extreme weather, we work together to overcome the challenge. We hope these tips to minimize water damage to your property and help our community when we face threatening weather.

Water Damage BIG Tip: Get Organized Now!

Action beats reaction again and again. So the biggest overall tip for protecting your property from water damage is to take all reasonable precautions to minimize water damage risk from flooding caused by weather or plumbing failure. Whether you live in San Diego or anywhere else in California, ensuring that your property is as protected from water damage risk as possible just makes good sense. With that in mind, you can follow these tips to protect your property from all sorts of water damage. You’ll likely see right away that a lot of this is preparation you undertake before a flooding event occurs:

  • Keep your insurance policies, list of personal property and other critical personal and business documents in a fireproof, waterproof safe. If you don’t have such a safe, consider offsite storage in a safety deposit box.
  • Take photographs of your home or business – internal and exterior. These will provide documentation of your insured and uninsured losses, which will aid in your insurance claim process, as well as enable you to write of uninsured losses.
  • Ensure proper proper operation of basement sump pumps.
  • If your water damage is caused by a plumbing failure, locate the source of the leak and stop it as soon as possible.
  • Take photos to document all water damage to your home or business.
  • Start drying and cleanup as soon as possible. Disinfect with antifungal products to prevent mold and protect your family, workers or customers from bacterial hazards.
  • If mold develops, avoid exposure to potentially hazardous spores and consider calling a mold remediation specialist.


Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency

In San Diego, or anywhere, here’s the plan for effective water damage recovery: Act fast, work safely, get professional help with major water damage cleanup and restoration, remember to watch for mold risk.

Take These Water Damage Safety Precautions

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family, employees and customers, so make sure to follow these water damage safety guidelines.


  • Never enter a flooded building unless you’ve confirmed disconnection of main power and gas service and ensured that the building hasn’t sustained structural damage that could make it unstable.
  • Never touch any electrical equipment unless it’s in a dry area, you are dry and you’re standing on a dry surface.
  • Be mindful that standing floodwater can contain chemical and biological contaminants. Minimize your exposure. Make sure you clean and disinfect your person, your clothes and any tools that are exposed to any kind of floodwater..
  • If remains flooded wet for more than 24 hours, be alert for potential mold growth. Tight spaces that remain wet and warm are fertile grounds for fungus and bacteria. Consider consulting a mold testing and remediation specialist.


Got Water Standing in Your San Diego Home or Business? Trust Abbotts!

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More info: Federal Emergency Management Agency flood safety tips.

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